Saturday, 30 June 2012


I feel guilty that haven't posted here since ages. I am actually going through a bit of a crisis with this blog. Lately I have been feeling that when I started this blog I wasn't the same person I am now. ( Who was I then?) My biggest peeve, however, is that I didn't really make any friends here.  None at all. What was the point of blogging then? Sure I came across plenty more books and got some wonderful comments on my reviews, but it still sucks that I didn't become close with a fellow blogger. Turns out I am as terrible as making friends online, as I am in real life. ( Isn't online real life?)  Nevertheless, this socially inept fool is done with her internship which kept her busy these past two months, and is ready to blog more often, more thoughtfully, and with more hope. ( Hope is the thing that lies in the feather. I shall wear them in my ear. They'll grow into the brain.) 
I haven't been able to complete my summer reading list ( What a fail! ), and neither have I read a whole lot of books this summer (:O). I did work at a publishing house though, so I forgive myself. 
Books I did read, The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I didn't really fancy it initially since it was so different from the other JG books I love and cherish and eat and drink. But it grew on me. I still like Paper Towns and Alaska more. Maybe I even like Katherines more. Nevertheless, John Green is my hero, and TFioS made me cry like an elephant ( Big Fat Tears). So overall, that was a helluva good book. 
Then I read two life-changing books. 
The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer. 
Human Croquet by Kate Atkinson. 
My heart grows quiet when I think of ways to describe them. It knows, I can't do them justice. 
Someday I'll read a book that will make me fly. (Where?) 
Till that day arrives, I'll have my imaginary friends, and I'll laugh with them and smell their hair and bite them and they shall be creatures and beasts and water and forests. 
My love to everyone. 


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