Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Summer Reading List Part 1 and thoughts on the *ahem* plagiarism debacle

Wow, the blogosphere has been pretty fucked up, huh?
So what better way to distract myself than making a summer reading list. This way I can keep the whole summer mapped out and finish off a large chunk of my to-read pile.
So here goes, 

1) Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by 

Why it is on this list?
Kafkaesque Underworld. Surrealism. Unicorn skulls. 
Wait, I need to say that again. 
As if the book didn't have me eating out of it's palm at Kafkaesque

2) The Summer We Read Gatsby: A Novel by 


3) Suicide Notes by 

Light breezy romances are great for summer and all, BUT I NEED TO GET MY DAILY INTAKE OF DEPRESSING SUICIDAL READZ ON.

4) Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by 

Speaking of depressing as shizz but uplifting books, I am super excited about this one. I already started it and it's great so far. And I love the cover. So quirky.

5) The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart by 

But this cover is pretty fancy. 

Okay, so I noticed that almost all of the blurbs of these books describe them as "poignant". 
We are lurking into pretentious book territory.
What to do? 
Oh look, problem solved.

6)  Sixteenth Summer by 

How is that for jazzing things up? That's definitely a non-poignant book. And possibly the most summery of the bunch. 

So, now that the quintessential cheesy summer romance book has been added, the PART 1 of my Summer Reading List is done. 

The whole list is like 30 books, so I am gonna divide it into a few parts and put it up. 

And now onto the plagiarism bit,
It's wrong as hell. I get it. In the blogging world it's the shittiest thing you can do. If someone did it to me, (I mean with all this eloquent shizz I pop out here, it could happen :P), I'd be super angry too. But this, what is happening, what I am sure we are all aware is happening, it sucks. It's just sad. It's one thing to say someone did something wrong and demand an apology, it's another to rally around attacking them on every possible level and write huge posts damaging their reputation. I am not taking any sides. I just feel like some people are not so much angry at the plagiarism per se, as they are overfilled with schadenfreude. 
Well, that was my two cents on the matter. 

“What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person.” 
- John Green

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  1. I say thumbs up to all your summer reads. I really want that French book now too. Oh and hi5! to the Eisenberg; I would also be all "How YOU doin'?"



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