Sunday, 6 May 2012

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This is the Road Trip list! ^^ 

When I read Paper Towns by John Green and loved it, I realised I had barely read any books about road trips. Then I read Going Bovine and it was all kinds of awesome ( Review: ) , and so I am now gonna read a whole heap of books about road trips. 

1) On the Road  by 

Is it kind of embarrassing that I have not read this book yet? Yes. It is. And that must be changed soon. 

2)  Life of Pi by 

Okay well, accepted this is more of a sea voyage than a road trip book, but it's an exception I made for this book because it's about a Tiger. And, I have a soft corner ( Translation: Obsession) for the Felines. Not to mention, much like the time when you are on the lookout for the perfect Woody Allen meets Jesse Eisenberg meets Seth Cohen hyper intellectual, neurotic guy, but you get totally distracted by a super hot french musician; well, this is like that time. A Man Booker Prize Winner being much like a super hot musician. French one. Stupid analogy. Because  I'd totally prefer the dork. 

3) The Least Awesome book by 

I started reading. Didn't like it as much as Paper Towns or Looking for Alaska. But whatever, John Green is John Green. This book is third person though. Meh. 

4) Saving June by Hannah Harrignton

I really didn't wanna read this because I had made up my mind it was a quintessential romance book.  But then a lot of people recommended it and I heard the main guy is like a hipster-ish dude who loves Neutral Milk Hotel or something. Anyways, I remember liking the music he likes, and it is a a road trip book, and the cover isn't shabby either so whatever, I'll check it out.  

What's in your mailbox?


  1. I've never read any John Green books, but An Abundance of Katherines is on the top of my John Green wishlist. :P Happy reading!

  2. Saving June is supposed to be amazing, so I really hope that you end up enjoying it! I also need to read some John Green...

    Happy reading!

    The Lady Critic's Library

  3. I hope Saving June lives up to the praise and you end up enjoying it.

  4. One of my fave road trip books I read in High School, and it was odd reading for a high schooler (many moons ago) was something like "On The Road With Charles Kuralt" by Mr Kuralt. And I loved it, for some odd reason. The writing style just kept me going as I was learning about his road trips.
    My Mailbox Monday post.

  5. Enjoy! your mailbox.

  6. On the Road is a classic that I have always meant to read. I will look forward to your thoughts on it.

  7. I have always wanted to read On the Road, but still haven't gotten to it (yet).

  8. I read Saving June at the beginning of the year and I loved it! I hope you enjoy everything you got this week. I hope you enjoy everything you got this week! Here's my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

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